Youtube reviews wanted for late 19th & early 20th C. pro games

For a while now, I’ve been cataloguing youtube reviews of professional games.

From 1818 until today, there’s only one main gap in coverage: the games of 1859 to 1931 (or '32), a span of over seventy years. Only two games from this time period have been reviewed, as far I know.

The last reviewed Shusaku game is from 1853, then we have Michael Redmond’s review of Shuho vs Shuwa (1858). Regular coverage resumes with DanielML’s look at a 1932 Maeda Nobuaki game, and the very much more substantial review of the 1933 Game of the Century between Shusai and Go Seigen by Mok Jinseok and Ryan Li.

The couple of reviews that I could find for the period are Shusai vs Shuei, 1895, by Redmond; and Nick Sibicky’s lecture on a 1918 Hashimoto Utaro game.

Would anyone be interested in reviewing a game from somewhere in this roughly 1860–1930 timeframe?

How about the Killing Game of 1926, the climactic struggle between Shusai and Karigane Junichi and the crowning off of classical Go?

Or perhaps there’s just a particular Shuho or Shuei game that you like? There are even Shusaku games into 1861. At the other end of the scale, the period plays host to the early Shin Fuseki, in the hands of players like Kubomatsu Katsukiyo.


Here are some comparative numbers.

From the preceding 40 year period 1818–1858, there are at least 40 youtube-reviewed games. Average review density about one a year.

From the 40 years after the gap (1932–72), there are at least 30 youtube-reviewed games. Average review density a little under one a year.

In the 1860–1930-ish gap period, there are only two. Review density less than one game per thirty years.

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Out of curiosity, where are you cataloging these? A Sensei’s Library page? Or somewhere else?


That’s some catalogue, nice :slight_smile: