Zooming in doesn't work properly on Chrome 49 on Android


Love OGS, and love the web client on mobile. I’ve been having a problem with it in Chrome on Android, though. When I zoom in on the board (to make placing stones more accurate), touching the screen ends up placing stones in the wrong place.

Is this a known issue? If not, I can make a video to show what I’m referring to.

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Yep, I reckon it’s a known issue. That’ll be a tough one to solve, but there would probably be a similar problem on the desktop version of the browser.

I wonder if this is related to the evil “A19”, “J19”, etc. bug, where the stone jumps to the wrong spot. Perhaps users have zoomed in when touching the submit button, and this zoom-in bug is causing the click to register as both a new stone placement and clicking the submit button?