Go Resources

Use this topic for discussion on Go resources including resources for help on learning the game

General Go Discussion

This category is for general Go discussion that doesn't fit anywhere else.


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Use this category for OGS site and forum support

Strategy and Tactics

Use this category to discuss topic related to strategy and tactics


The Announcements category is not just for OGS announcements! Use this category to announce anything you'd like... from new tournaments to things you are working on that are Go related.

OGS Development

This category is for discussion of existing and new features as well as OGS API usage.


New tournaments announcement and discussion category, use this when talking about tournaments.


Discuss all things related to ladders here.

General Chat

Use this category to discuss anything not directly related to Go


This category is specifically for the purpose of Teaching other players.


Use this category for frequently asked questions about OGS.


This category should be used to file suggestions for how we can better improve OGS. Please be specific and constructive. Please do not offer criticisms without concrete suggestions on how to improve as those posts are not very useful and just clutter things up. By offering suggestions on how to improve, everyone can chime in and we can work towards improving the service.

Go Classifieds

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