A few questions about live games

我是一個台灣的玩家,對於英文的討論(尤其是圍棋術語) 真的有閱讀障礙QQ,希望能用中文回答的玩家歐,謝謝!!

有時候我下完一盤棋,在某些地方是"雙活" 的情況,請問電腦的自動評分是不是怪怪的(他把那塊地的黑白子都不算目),可是要手動點目也不知道怎麼點(只能點黑全死或白全死)。請問大家都怎麼點’雙活’的地呢? [quote=“fibonaccistu, post:1, topic:14300, full:true”]
A couple questions. How does one control whether or not you have to click submit beforemaking a move? At first I thought live games are 1-click and correspondence were 2-click, but I’ve had games of both flavors that were the exact opposite.

There have been several games that I set up that were set with an auto handicap but when the match started, there was no handicap, even though the difference in rank was more than 2. Am I missing something here?

There have been two or three games now where the main time has been set to something like an hour and then randomly when it’s my opponent’s turn, ttheir time turns blue with a blitz symbol and starts counting down a timer for like 2 minutes. An opponent lost my timeout this way and I don’t understand why that happened.

Any answers much appreciated!


can’t help you with the Chinese unfortunately, but before someone does:

Let me reffer you to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) under “game was scored wrong”

click Upper left ogs logo > settings > you can set it there. Never heard about any bugs with this one, so not sure what to think about your various experience… Maybe it was actually a correspondence but with “short” settings and both of you just made it in one sitting?

Let me reffer you here: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) under the lightning symbol


暫時先把你的問題翻譯,希望比我更了解這網站的人能提供一個答案。再確定,問題是關於這盤棋的結果? https://online-go.com/game/12761483


I’ll just translate the question directly first: “In some games I play, some positions are in seki. Is the computer’s automatic scoring strange (it gives no points for all the stones in the seki), but when I try to change the life status manually I don’t know how to (I can only choose all black or all white stones dead). How do you mark seki?”
[Translator’s note: The English questions are definitely not the intended questions.]

And my response (translated):
I think it has to do with this game: https://online-go.com/game/12761483
Counting manually, the result of W+22.5 looks right to me. But using the score estimator, there’s no way to mark the left side as seki. I think this is a difference (bug?) with the score estimator but not the final scoring mechanism - not sure why. I think the score estimator just isn’t reliable anyway.


thanks for your reply,I understand now ^^

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