A pro game study workshop ☕

I would like to organize a pro game study workshop as a forum go activity.

I propose to have 3 groups of players, by level. Each group will discuss and propose where to play.

( Less as 15k, 14k to 5k, 4k and up)

Each group has 20hrs to discuss and suggest moves. (One group after the other).

That’s 2 moves / week with a break of 40 hours between (+weekend free)

Here the planning summarized by groups:

Sun 11:00 PM-> Mon 7:00 PM
Wed 11:00 AMThu 7:00 AM
<= 15 kyu and weaker

Mon 7:00 PMTue 3:00 PM
Thu 7:00 AMFri 3:00 AM
14 kyu <=> 5 kyu

Tue 3:00 PMWed 11:00 AM
Fri 3:00 AMFri 11:00 PM
4 kyu => and stronger

Fri 11:00 PMSun 11:00 PM
Katago and pros analysis.

The stronger group should first answer the weaker on their suggestions and then add their own (if any).

Week end are used for complementary comments, katago analysis or commentaries from pros.
(I plan to pick a very commented game)

One more idea is to not start from the very beginning but to have different sessions and not especially in chronological order. For example we could start at some mid-endgame point to warm up!

Another idea is to have some time first to learn (or try to learn) by heart the game. ( 2 weeks?) If everyone think it’s a good idea of course.

I will happily manage that activity if there are enough players interested in each group.
We don’t need to have them very large, my guess is like at least 3 active in each group would be a base for a great start.
I hope this activity get DDK and SDK interested too. There are many things to extract from a pro game for all levels!
What do you think? Any suggestions?

Would you participate actively in such workshop?

Personal note: a bit too busy now, so I don’t plan to start anything before a few weeks but impressions and ideas for improvement will be very welcomed.


Your idea reminds me of a more tightly structured version of Mark’s 2018-19 (-20) study group.

If you don’t feel you have the time for the level of organisation proposed in your OP, you could post a position in there to get a more casual feel for what’s involved.

Another way to teeth in is by studying Mark’s 2020 book, Find the Plan, with me.


Is this happening or not? I noticed we’re now into the scheduled dates.

Sounds interesting !