Abolish a feature! - Blue Starter Clock

I have read this one. I agree with the opinion here to those challenge game which Black selected the opponent. Black should use Blue starter timer rule.

The other post is really related to the tournament games only. In the tournament games, the players are selected by the system. And players will not realize this blue timer rule, because they are arranged by the system. System should not apply the blue timer rule in the tournament games. Players can lose the game not even make the first move, because they think the tournament is one move / week.

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Actually, I just found out. In my tournament setup, After the Blue Starter Timer runs out, it starts running the regular tournament timer (in my case, 1 week). The Black did not make the first move, but did not lose the game, either.
Meaning, in my case, the Black actually got extra time (from Blue Starter Timer). I guess I can close my case.

However, I did find I set pause in the weekend, but the timer is still running.

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