Absolute timer /* bug

For Fischer time, the +X doesn’t show up in the game list or in the active game. Might be worth considering anyway, but since no one sees the +X for ladders/tournaments/automatch/etc, I’m not sure +0 would be any more obvious than /*.

(In the meantime I’ve sent a pull request to remove the extra line break from the screenshot, so that the /* shows up on the same line as the Hours.)

That said, I think this is the type of thing that people would get used to in short time. Regardless of the symbol, they would associate it with absolute (as @stone.defender did in the title)

That’s my hope, that although it might initially seem like a glitch (huh, what’s that?), it’ll quickly be associated with absolute time, which in the game list is pretty crucial for understanding move urgency.

BTW, it came out of this thread: Suggestion : Sort games with ''Absolute Time" settings to appear at the top of one's list of games when sorting by time remaining