Ads, OGS, and you


Before I even saw this I had already started supporting with $1/mo. I’ll be doubling that now :slight_smile:


I like this very much. Supporting from now on. =)


Also increased my own monthly contribution :slight_smile:

Oh no! I still have a whole bunch of stickers :sweat_smile:


Ads are not bad, the internet is sponsored by ads


You could bring back the old library search function for supporters.


I would really like to support you by all means, but being from Iran isn’t easy with all these sanctions.

Thank you for the support and I really hope someday, I would be able to help you guys financially.


There you go, I’ve just become a new site supporter and it’s not even the end of September.

Keep up the good work, and I hope you are able to keep the site an advert free zone.


Will there be a badge for ‘being a supporter before supporting was trendy’ ?


Suggestion: Display some kind of “site supporter” symbol (a star? a trophy? a thumbs up?) everywhere the username of a site supporter appears. (i.e. not just on their profile page, but on the game page and game lists and chats, etc. everywhere you currently also display the user’s rank) The symbol should display rollover text (e.g. “site supporter”) and be clickable, leading to the “Support OGS” page.

Maybe something like this:

Azver [3k] :star:

You should also make the “* Site Supporter *” labels on our profiles clickable. The idea is to make it easier for people to become aware that there’s a site support option and to get to the right page to contribute themselves, and also to increase the recognition of those who do support the site. (Thus making it even more attractive to become a supporter.)


Try these guys;

Some massive brands use them, like Rubik’s cube, for example. Just upload the designs and enter the bank details you want your commission to arrive in. Job done.

No hassle - they deal with everything; and you might be surprised how that commission adds up.


One thing that Penny Arcade did awhile back was run a kickstarter to remove ads. It was super successful.

Maybe you could do that. Get teachers or streamers to chip lessons in above a certain level, etc. Only get emojis in names, etc.


“Emoji in names” sounds like a fabulous supporter feature.


Just discovered the site. But it is well worth supporting.


Perhaps a reminder notice and link after some number of games for non-supporters. e.g.

“We hope you’ve enjoyed playing the last 10 games. Please consider becoming a supporter in order to keep this site ad free.”

Also, take a look at how Wikipedia does their annual donation drive. Seems to work well and is effective to get supporters without becoming too offensive.



I’d like to add a small feature request to the subject of one-time payments. How about a short vacation pool, added to one’s account for $1 or so?

Sometimes work/illness really drains the whole accumulated vacation timer, and it undoubtedly sucks to rush into games, just so you won’t wake up hearing timeout notice.


Oh, good luck meeting your goal!

I’m so thrilled you’re giving this option a go. And the moment one-off donations will be possible, I’ll send something your way!

I noticed in the comments someone requesting merchandise. If there’s a easy way to offer such a thing (that would eat up too much of your time designing or administrating things), I’d be happy to support in that way too.


Just became a supporter. Putting money where my mouth was :slight_smile:
Thank you for getting’ rid of the ads, now the site feels like a temple again.


I think that this is a bad idea because it directly impacts game play and it is something that is a direct disadvantage for anyone else. I am already doubtful about the vacation for supporters as it is now, but having people unexpectedly buy more vacation is worse.

I start my correspondence games with the expectation that my settings make them end within a reasonable amount of time.


It can be reasonably limited to, let’s say, three days per month - not a big deal for a correspondence game (which usually takes around a month at least). But it might help some people to handle pressing circumstances.


+1, i’ve been asking this for a long time! Extra vacation time is one of those very few things OGS could sell to it’s users that have some real use, and without making not-buying it harmful for those who can’t afford it. I’m almost always short on my vacation time, so it would be awesome for being able to just buy like an extra week of vacation when going on a travel.