All new players should be ranked via bot

And statements like this give me the sense that

OGS =/= shinuito.

It’s like if I read

and then concluded “ @teapoweredrobot is a moderator so OGS must hate their current player base”.

I think at the moment the rating system seems like it works fine. There might be some debate on stability of rating when players play thousands of games either a day or a month, but other than that I feel like people end up with the right rank after not too many games. It’s the method of obtaining a 25kyu rank people are objecting to, that is having to lose games in order for the system to see you as below a particular rank. Of course it might mean losing more games if one doesn’t or can’t challenge existing 25kyus.

However what people are suggesting could require much more maintence and while you say

I don’t believe that the hypothetical downsides are nonsense. For example if you look at old posts when the system used Elo/Gor style ratings

and that required solutions like

where there’s more fiddling needed to be done. Note that dropping a beginner in the middle of the rating system in Elo would likely be much worse than in Glicko, since there isn’t a concept of high deviation etc where ratings can adjust quickly as one can see in the post about swapping to Glicko.

and (if players/moderators don’t adjust the rating back then)


I believe that falls under

to which I said

and yet all I see are responses saying


which I hope you can appreciate is a bit frustrating.