Am I crazy or system decide that I resign without my permission?

Oh, that happens when I’m switching my device! I was using the computer, but had to let it up to my dad, so I closed the tab and went onto my phone to continue playing. Little did I know that the system resigned me on its own! So yeah, I learned the lesson to leave the tab on while I switch to another device, that way, it doesn’t resign me. I wish OGS could fix this, however. :confused:

Here’s my suggestions:

  1. Use your phone to search the thing you’re looking for.
  2. Make the screen smaller and drag the new tab out to search, that way, you have two tabs on your screen spaced out and not sure if the system will still resign you from the game. Try experimenting with an unranked game. :slight_smile:

Hope that helped.

You have a mechanism that defines escapers. You just treat them wrong. In any way the game will be scurried for one who is waiting. If define escapers you can ask one who is waiting “Do you want to ban? or Player is escaped?” In that case not a system is making design but another player.

I would ban for username. It takes some time for me to get to 14k. I don’t what my account be banned.

It is not that important. But I would check your analytics. Who often in average players are playing. It is better to make a conclusion base on those kind of numbers.

I couldn’t post because of forum limits.

But here is what would I improve and what bothers me more.

1 - you could ask user who is currently waiting: “We have lost connection with you opponent. Do you want finish this game and not to wait?”

2 - you should not auto-resign someone who is waiting, even if you lose a connection with him. It doesn’t make any sense. Nobody is waiting for him right now, why he should be punished?

3 - make a JS Alert about losing connection. Same as you do when player joined the game

I am under the impression that you ignore the fact, that escaping is something that most of the community does not tolerate because it is annoying and shows poor sportsmanship. it is something we want to deal with.

I dont understand what you are getting at here. Why is one player obligated to wait for the other player if she has deliberately decided not to continue the game? After all we both agreed to play and the escaper was the one to go back on the agreement… and if my opponent would rather watch porn than play me then maybe she is the one who should not have joined the game?!

Warning players that they are about to forfeit the game seems a reasonable thing to do. i hope this can be implemented so it does not happen by accident, which is the main problem here as i see it.