Analyse mode

I’m trying to improve my game by reviewing them in the analyze mode but I can’t find a legend explaining the minus markings e. g. - 3.0, -2.3, + and the color circles and squares around the numbers that pop up during a review.
Sorry if the answer is posted somewhere but I haven’t been able to find it!

Hello. Analyze you game is very good to do. You will get very strong. Thank you.

Please see our section in the FAQ for AI Review


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You’re 23k, I don’t think it will benefit you. AI play style is based on pure reading, not on theory, basics and good habits.

AI will invade 3-3 at move 3. It will make large night corner enclosures that can be reduced.
AI doesn’t play solidly. It will ignore threats that a normal human would protect against. It will make crazy sacrifices because it read out that some move with a certain variation can lead to a win by 0.5 pts after 150 moves given perfect complicated fight.

I studied with AI for some time and lost 2 stones in stregnth. Then I read artciles on opening strategies and got back to my normal level.

On analysis, remember the winning percentage can mean that one side is winning by a few points given perfect play, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a given move is good for your style.

However, if you keep all that in mind and don’t try to imitate AI style, it can point out some obvious mistake you often do. It can cure you from jealousy of the opponent territory and it can teach you attacking / reducing moves. (but still, 23k is early to use AI)

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