ASD in go

I’m quite convinced that all kind of “stars” in human knowledge or activities are someway “obsessed” about their activity.
From Nobel prizes to sports champions to music geniuses and so on: people which spends all of their time and efforts in making perfect their “art” and bringing it beyond known limits.

So I strongly agree that people with some sort of “spectrum” could add something new and important to a renaissance.

I confess it also scares me a little: thinking that all big steps in humanity’s history and arts are brought by obsessed people doesn’t make me feel comfortable. I consider myself quite an average person and I don’t really like being obsessed by anything.
That’s why there’s no chance that I can contribute significantly in any kind of renaissance! :smile:


Never say never. Obsession is not compulsory for great discoveries.

Are you monomaniac?
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I’m autistic. I got a late diagnosis when I was already over 40 years old, but that was about 15 years after when I was first told I might have Asperger’s.

In a way I use Go to socialize with like minded people. Even if most players don’t fit the criteria to be considered autistic, in particular the more challenging parts, I think often there are enough similarities in the way of thinking that make it easier to connect with people.