Auto Advance to next game not working

After the site came back online yesterday (1/15/18) the system no longer advances me to the next game.
Also, the small black circle with the number of games I need to make moves in is no longer visible.
I checked my “Settings” a few times and that box is still checked.

This happens on a few different devices (computer, tablet, phone, etc.)

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,

I have a similar problem. For me, the black circle is there - but not for every game. It seems to ignore - when it’s my move there, no notification shows up.

I’m seeing the same thing in both desktop and mobile browsers.


Try clearing all of your moves so you actually have 0 moves waiting and see if it returns to normal.

You mean make moves in each of the games I’m involved in?
That’s more often the case than not.
I’m currently involved in 7 games, and I’ve made moves in all available games for the last few days. But the system still doesn’t offer me the next game automatically. I must go to the home page and scan for any games where my opponents have made their moves and it’s now my turn.

Same here, I noticed this behavior on both mobile and desktop.

Also, there is no icon in upper-right corner, showing “number of games where it is my move” any more.

This is likely the same issue as this: I think this is basically the same issue as this: Notifications and outstanding game count not working

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