Becoming a supporter doesn't work

Hi the paypal link I click on when to pay and become a supporter doesn’t work, neither does paying with my cc. Any thoughts how I should proceed?

See this:

It has been noticed, but not resolved yet

What happens when you try? Is there any error? Could you post a screenshot, gemm?

Paying with a credit card didn’t work for him either.

Yes it goes to the paypal page and says Things at not working at the moment, come back later.
When I try to pay with my CC it says my card is declined, but the card works otherwise.

Have you tried calling the credit card company? Same thing happened to me when I joined OGS. I asked a mod and he said it should be working, so I called the card's administrator and they told me the transaction had been blocked and was pending confirmation.

As for PayPal, it’s a site-wide issue, but the team is handling it already:


Great news, PayPal got back to me and they had deprecated then removed a flag I was using, and so it started causing an error when they did the removal. It should be working now though!