"Best Way To Study" Experiment - WANTED: DDK Participants


Hey Smurph, how many more are we looking at to recruit? I’m just curious… btw memorizing is hard ugh


According to the OP I think smurph is looking for another 12 participants.


Oh, about 12 more (keeping track of the count in 1st post). Yes, everything you need to do to improve quickly requires a lot of mental effort.


I was pleased to find that memorizing a pro game wasn’t nearly as hard as I’d thought it would be. I picked Lee Sedol’s fourth game vs. AlphaGo from their original series in 2016. I was able to commit the first 60 moves to memory with only about an hour or so investment. I then wasn’t able to touch it for two days, and just now made only two mistakes replaying them from scratch, which I’m pretty proud of given my (at least self-perceived) poor memory. I’ll keep going to at least the one hundredth move as you’ve prescribed, I just wanted to share my progress.

Come on, man! :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:



Well done! Yes, it isn’t easy, but it’s also not as hard as it seems before you’ve even tried it. Thanks for the feedback, I’m sure it will encourage others who haven’t yet given it a shot.


for those looking to find games to memorize, http://ps.waltheri.net is a pretty great resource :slight_smile:


How do we know if we are part of the experience team ?
I really would like to try a methode with other people even if i’m a new sdk.

May i follow the experience as well ? even if you don’t take my result into account ?


I’m willing to participate. 12e Lettre is my ogs name, rank around 20k (+2.2) right now and can probably study 2 hours a day for the summer for sure. I can give you my age as well in private.


Thanks smurph, and StephenC20XX.


I gave it a try too and the memorizing of game really isn’t far as hard as it looks. About an hour of effort and I can replay 50 moves. It’s funny :slight_smile: