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This is planned, basically after 5.0 is done I’ll be shifting back to features and enhancements, this is going to be done as I work through teaching / review improvements

This is a little more than a small tweak so I’m going to do this with the review tool improvment pass, but yes good idea, those should be numbered.


I changed to 20s + 10s, 30s max fischer - seem reasonable?

Yeah I’ve seen this, I think I know what’s going on, I’m going to address it with an alteration of how that system works a bit - which I’m starting into as soon as I’m done with this forum post

Indeed, I’ve put a note for this in the card I’m using to track time control settings stuff I plan on doing post-5.0, relates to the configuration improvements that will be coming re: Timer countdown warning sound - #26 by jbrausen

Should be better handled now

Fix in progress, not done yet but should be up within a couple of hours

Hm, I fixed something that sounded exactly like this yesterday but I thought it was before you made this post… I wasn’t able to reproduce it today, are you still seeing it or did I happen to fix it up after you made the observation?

I see what you mean - the intended behavior is for notifications for a game to automatically be cleared when you go to that game, but currently that only happens if you start off on the game page and not as you navigate to a game, so I’ll be fixing that up. Thanks for the catch :slight_smile: