Blue starter clock for tournament

I have read some discussion on this topic.
However, my issue is when I set a tournament and tell everyone it is one move per week and pause in the weekend. Then, when the game starts right on Friday, people might think they have a week to make a move. But did not realize the blue starter clock issue, people might lose the game not even making the move.

Understand previous discussion on blue clock for a challenge game.
However, should this feature be disable in the tournament game? Because the players were arranged by the system. And people might not know this first move timer rule is different from tournament’s setup.



This has happened to us as well, where in a correspondence tournament some players playing Black have timed out, since the first move has to be played quicker than the actual time settings.


This is the previous discussion.

I think it is OK, but in tournament setup. This feature should be disable.

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Just found out, in my tournament setup (1 move per week), After the Blue Starter Timer ran out, the timer will start running the tournament setup (7 days). Meaning, the Black actually gets extra Blue Timer time.

I think we can close this case.

Were these games which were paused or on vacation or did weekend pause reset then all?
If it just flipped over to normal click without timing out black then it seems to have changed since “through the years” maybe. Although I’m finding it hard to follow in that thread now.

In tournament setup, I cannot pause for my opponent which I have tried in this case.

No but you can set the tournament start time so that it is within 3 days of the weekend. And enable weekend pause. This seems to negate the effect of the blue start clock as when weekend pause ends the timer will revert to the set time for the game for black and not timeout at the end of the blue start clock.
If I’ve understood correctly ofc and I might be wrong!

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