Bug in scoring

New Zealand rules have integer komi, allowing for drawn games. That is the whole point of integer komi.
But I just finished a game under NZ rules which ended in equal points. The result is given as “White wins by 0 points”. This is wrong. The result is “Drawn game” or “jigo” if you prefer that term. Please correct this.


This bug has already been reported. See issue #657.

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It seems that this bug has been known, but left open for a while. See this post from May 2017:

Here is another related discussion, where this particular post seems to suggest that it might be possible for a moderator to manually decide the game as a tie (but maybe not after it’s ended):

Quick question - yes, I know this bug has been known for a while and has its own GitHub issue. In the meantime, if a game with NZ rules ends with an even score, do any of the moderators know how (and hence can be called upon) to change the result from “black wins by 0” to “tie by moderator decision”?

Reminder that this is definitely possible, just wondering if any current mods know how to go about it: https://online-go.com/game/13342434

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A tie by moderator decision can be declared during the scoring phase (or earlier). You’d need to report it and get the moderator there without exiting the scoring phase. For sure a mod would be happy to help with that.

Once the game exits scoring phase with a declared result it can’t be turned into a tie - it can only be annulled (which I’m sure you know is not the same for ranking purposes)



Thanks for the info!

I thought tie’s were automatically annulled? Are they not? Would be news to me…

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The game I just linked was a ranked game whose result stands as “tie by moderator decision”, no word on annulment. I sure hope NZ games with an even result should not be annulled… Pretty sure I read somewhere that Glicko2 does allow for ranked ties.

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I thought ties were ranked properly… afterall that is the whole point of them. If that’s wrong then … what I said is wrong :open_mouth:

Will be easy to check, just need to find a moment. I’ll do it, if no-one beats me to it.

Yep, seems I was wrong. Guess I missed that one :slight_smile: good to know

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“I thought ties were ranked properly… afterall that is the whole point of them.”

Well, the game linked above is the only tie on all of OGS I’m even aware of. It’s not even a New Zealand rules game and was canceled after a handful of moves… hence my question on whether moderators are equipped to deal with proper ties.

Fact: moderators have a button that allows them to declare a game “Tied”. I have done that before.

Assumption: I have assumed that this does result in a ranked result, based on similar input to the thread you quoted.

Action: We need to test this to make sure it works this way. Which I will do when I get a chance unless someone beats me to it.


Thank you. :slight_smile: Could you link some example games you’ve tied as a mod? It would be nice to have a sample size greater than 1 for future reference to tied games.

(I tied this one to end it because it was on pause since months ago)

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Seem to work.


It definitely does affect rank.

I started a bunch of games with glitched “simple time” settings. Many of them got abandoned and Crocrobot kindly called these games ties for me.

After 10 games being called ties, my rank went down from 6k to 7k.


That’s decided then :slight_smile:

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Nice! Thanks everybody.