BUG - Scoring phase not showing on move indicator


I’ve got a game to finish tha I can see in “Home”,

but this game doesn’t appear in the list under the black round that indicate the nimber of games to finish ( upper right of the screen)

the game is this one : https://online-go.com/game/19404765
Is that normal or not ?



Could you please refresh your browser and take a screen shot? Scoring phase games are meant to be on the ‘your turn to move’ list

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I think this is the same bug as https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/issues/700


yes it is, thanks

so this problem was known at least for a year, that’s stranger that it’s not yet solved


Just in case, can you refresh with CTRL + F5 and post a screenshot?

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Honestly, not really :smiley:
I know it is hard to imagine, but currently there are almost 200 open issues only on github (while anoek has his own personal list of issues and new features) and new ones coming up constantly. We are a free service with a single “full-time” (and take this term lightly) developer.

The issue is known, but rarely comes up on forums or in reports, just because it is super uncommon for users to leave the scoring phase untouched once they entered it. (It seems that you too only encountered the problem recently, even though it has been present for so long). Hence the priority is actually not that high…

And I don’t mean that to be disagreeable or anything, I feel quite similarly about some other issues (which are maybe even more pressing) just trying to illustrate the situation. Any complicated software developement is super time consuming. And the lesser problems (while still problems) just need to wait until the bigger ones are fixed, while still introducing some new features to keep the whole thing modern, users happy and interested… It is not so easy as it may seem at first.


However, since the code for the front end is on github, if it does seem easy, people are more than welcome to submit a PR with the fix :wink:

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It’s very common in correspondence games to be not online when the other player passes.

It’s a backend issue. I have a workaround in mind, but it would introduce some race conditions.


Yes, but as far as I understand it, the issue only comes up when you enter the scoring phase and THEN leave it. Not when you are not around and the other player passes, that should show up on the indicator normally. (At least I have never encountered such an issue and I pretty much play correspondence exclusively)


The problem I know about (and verified) is:
when you load the page the turn-indicator gets a list of all running games. For some reason games in scoring phase are not included in that list.
I’m not sure if it works if you are online, but once the game is in the rotation after the scoring phase started it should stay in the rotation since the rotation is front-end only.

Edit (just tested again): If the game enters scoring phase while you are online, the game is in the rotation and stays there until you reload the site. If you reload the site, the game isn’t in the rotation anymore.


I had this issue come up in a different case that seems quite problematic.

I was the second player to pass, so I marked the stones first. My opponent was not around so I logged off and left it for them to confirm the stones. At some point they had viewed the game and changed the stone status, which left the system waiting for my confirmation. However, I never got notified that it was my “turn” to confirm and the game was not showing up the “rotation” of games that needed my attention. I only happened to enter back into the game by chance (and curiosity) and saw to my surprise that the game was waiting on me to confirm my opponent’s mismarked stones (they had erroneously changed the outcome into their favor by doing some weird stuff, like marking some of my territory as dame). I fixed things and waited for their confirmation. After 24 hours, they seemed to have checked back in on the game, so the system went with my status markings.

Basically, if you are the first to mark stones and then your opponent changes it later, then it seems too easy to overlook that things have been changed. Had I not just checked in on the game manually on a whim, I would have continued to assume that system was waiting on my opponent, which would have led to the system timing out in their favor.


I remember have meet once this problem ( some months ago)

Thanks for your answer,
so one way to deal with this problem would be to have a look at the “Home page” from time to time, assuming that some unfinished games are not in the “rotation list”

There is another subtle visual indication. If the game is waiting on your confirmation (of stone status) your name will be in bold, but that is still easy to overlook if the game is not in the rotation.

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