Can the data behind the ranking graph be downloaded?

The graph representing the ranking is nice, but it is rather small, it needs a functioning scroll wheel and it scales both axes simultaneously. So, I would like to download the data and look at it with another program. Is this feature available?

Hi @esmeyny

You can find this data in our public api, browse here with your browser and you’ll see it under rating_history:

t is a time code, g is the game that affected it. r is the ranking (an integer that would need to be translated) and e is the rating.

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Thank you.

It would be pretty cool, if someone with some coding knowledge could make a small nifty tool out of that. :smiley:

OGS Graph Analyzer or something like that. :blush:


I’d actually like such a thing to be here on :yin_yang:GS and not somewhere else :smile:

< wink wink, nudge nudge > :wink:

I mean, OGS is the technically most advanced Go server already, no?
Then it should be <cough> a piece of cake </cough> to build that :stuck_out_tongue:

OK OK, just kidding. But my wish is serious :smile:


Haha :slight_smile:

I’d actually love to see a few good third-party tools though!

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