Can't log into my OGS account (blank screen)

so what do i do

That happens to me sometimes too. I just click the reload button, or close the window and open a new one to fix it.

If that doesn’t work, then clearing the browser cache may help.

how to clear cache

It depends on the browser. Just google “clear browser cache”.

P.S.: Moved this thread to the Support category.

I’m getting a blank screen too. Clearing cache didn’t help. I’m on an iPad iOS 9. The site works on my iOS 12 phone.

I’m getting blank screen on windows phone. Naturally, PC browser works just fine.

@AdamR, take a look at this.

Hmmmm, I have notified the dev, thanks for the heads up.

Private browsing does not help either? Any details can help. If you press f12 and then go to console, any red errors?

Getting a blank screen here also. Both with iPhone and iPad OS-9. I am attempting to play a correspondence game from Colombia. Same blank screen in private mode.


In Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 m on XP

(I know they are no longer supported!)

I get

No WASM support detected, score estimator falling back to ASM.js mode
es6-shim.js:1827 Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid flags supplied to RegExp constructor ‘igu’
raven.js:58 SE Initialized


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Oh frak. @AdamR, at least in @home.pjs’s case, I know what’s the issue and who’s what’s to blame: me the updated profanity filter. The u flag, enabled to block some accented Portuguese words, isn’t supported by old, pre-ES6 browsers. I’ll take care of this.

EDIT: Opened an issue, updated the filter and submitted a pull request. Sorry for the trouble, everyone.


Thanks for the quick fix @lucasfelix :slight_smile: I merged and pushed the update, @dachen11 let us know if this resolves the issue (or not).


Least I could do, @anoek. The fix should do for now, but I’ll see if I can download some older browsers and run them with WINE to do some testing with a try/catch. Thank you very much and sorry for the trouble.


No trouble at all, I’ve broken the site more times than I can count, and usually it’s for everyone! :sweat_smile:


I have an iPad mini 1, iOS 9.3. I’m still getting a blank screen. I will try the web inspector later tonight and see if I can get you more information.

Still a blank screen for me as well, black in regular browser (site settings) and white in private mode.

Hope this helps. This is from an iPad mini 1 running iOS 9.3. Thanks for working to support old hardware like this.