Change the Learn to play section

I think a style that explains what to do like is better than the style OGS has which is to present problems with little explanation. has an open license so I think you could just take it as-is. Or just link to it. That would be an easy way to get something with more explanation.

Who is in charge of the Learn section contents? If not wholesale taking of, I could volunteer to add some more explanations to the existing problem-focused intro. Is it on github?

ETA: Also I have in my profile a link to 4 extra short OGS problem sets that will get beginners going. Most of them are Mark5000’s sets, could we make these an official path? Otherwise when watching beginners on Twitch they tend to end up in Cho Chikun’s series which is not a great next-step after an intro tutorial.

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Out of curiosity, what makes you say it has an open license? I cannot find any.

I have many problems with OGS tutorial, I have many problems with tutorial (apart from copying my domain name :smiley: ), I built my own tutorial web some time ago and I have many probelms with that one too.

What I am trying to say is that everyone is looking for something a bit different and in my opinion, it is hard to say “this is better”. As far as I dare interpret anoek’s intentions, the current tutorial was following the simple formula that: current generation hates reading. “Give them as little reading as possible so they can (barely) get to playing, they will figure out the rest later”.

I absolutely hate that :laughing:, but unfortunatelly agree that it might be the right idea for the lowest possible friction against potential new players… So while I very much appreciate the offer to help, I am not sure if he’s actually looking for more explanations.

As far as I know the learn section is part of a back-end so not viewable on github and as everything OGS, it is anoek’s :slight_smile:

I was always thinking perhaps some sort of compromise could be reached and we could have either two version of the tutorial

  • fast
  • thorough

and users can take their pick, or have some follow-up links at the end for those who are interested, but with the ratings changes, e-Go congress, and lots of other stuff I am afraid all that is a very low priority currently… So for now this might be bit of a theoretical discussion.


Hm I was probably thinking of your site when I said it was open. Yours is good too. I’m all for accepting there are different ways of doing things, and you are being very diplomatic. But the OGS one is terrible. After completing the OGS tutorial you don’t even know what the object of the game is! You don’t know that territory is worth 1 point each and captures are worth 1 point each. I watched many twitch streamers randomly click points in the seki problems, and when they finally click the correct point, they have absolutely no idea why that is the solution. That is the opposite of a fast tutorial, it’s a waste of time because they didn’t learn anything about what a seki actually is.

Can we get a short term solution with a link to either of the learngo sites and some short blurb like:

OGS one: Problems with little text
Learn go one: Slightly longer intro


Haha, wow, you are right, I didn’t even realize that

I will try to start some internal discussion to change things, but I am afraid it is just not the best time now, anoek will be busy with the other stuff… But yeah, the more I think about it, the more changes I would like to see in that area as well.


Maybe there’s useful feedback here too if it does get updated.