Changed behavior of black circle "your move" button?

Did the behavior of black circle “your move” button change?

This AM, after I submit a correspondence move and hit the black circle to my next game… it always takes be back to the beginning of some list, but never to the “next game” in the list.

My memory is that the behaviors used to be (aka, yesterday) was that the black button was more useful taking me to the “next game” not always back to the “first game”. A quick experiment shows it always takes me back to the game with least time remaining

In this ancient thread says, anoek says

“They’re currently ordered by game id, aka creation date of the game. Sorting by time remaining has come up several times, " but there are few notable complications with implementing that so it’s on the back burner for now… it’ll happen one of these days though”

So has anything changed? Note I did play in a live tourney yesterday, but that should not matter

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Yes, this was changed recently, in response to this disucssion.

What is supposed to be the experience now is that if you are on one of your games with an active move to play, you should circulate through games with active moves to play in order of decreasing urgency (increasing clock).

If you are not on one of your games with a move to play, you should be taken to the game with the highest urgency.

If it’s not doing that, it’s probably a bug.


Circle says it’s my move in 10 games, however it is actually my move in 13 games. I have no active “live” games, only corr.


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Sounds like a bug for sure.

Will be interesting to know how the circulation works out for you…

If i have time to check I’ll let you know, but I am restricted to mobile ATM and that along with time and energy constraints means investigstion is tricky.

this is a change that i thought i would like, but am now ambivalent.

i have auto-advance turned off, which means cycling through correspondence games now goes back to the least time remaining game any time i do play a move and only advances if i click the black circle without playing ( so that it remains my move).

auto-advance feels jarring to me and doesnt let me look over the board-state after playing my move which is why i have it off.

at the risk of adding even more settings to the OGS cockpit, could this functionality be a toggle?

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I would expect (and it seems to mafidufa) that if you are on a game with a move to play then when you play that move the circle should continue to the next most urgent game rather than starting the cycle from the beginning.

In other words, the cycle should only reset if you navigate away from the game page.

Yes, more or less that is what should happen. It is possible that you might go “back one” unexpectedly if the number of games you have changes in the mean time.

Since the previous mechanism was pretty arbitrary (it circled through games by creation time), I feel we should be able to get this to be “as good”.

If you play a move, it should go to the “next least urgent” from where you left off - I’m not clear how this would be worse.

If it is not doing that, then it’s a bug (I’m starting to form an idea in my mind how there might be a bug like this actually, I will look into it further)

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… yeah, I can see how this is buggy: it’s a bit more tricky than “circulate by game id”, because the act of playing a move changes the list of “boards with moves on them”, and the urgency (clocks) of the games changes while you are sitting there.

(Thinks: Although playing a move changed the list even for the old system.)

Hmmm :thinking:

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I think some people seemed to have an issue with auto-advance turned off.

So they play a move, but now they are no longer looking at a game with an active move to play.

So presumably this behaviour


is different with auto-advance on or off?

I haven’t really noticed any difference myself since the update as at the moment I only have about 10 games and at worst I had four moves to play this morning :slight_smile: I also use auto advance though.

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It’s definitely the case that the new logic was dubious in the case of auto-advance turned on - whether it is technically a bug or not is debatable but I don’t like what it ends up doing :slight_smile:

So I’m working on something that will feel much more like “the old way” - ideally you won’t be able to tell that it is not “the old way” except that conveniently you will be seeing more important (urgent) games first in the cycle.


so what i am seeing with auto-advance off:

game 1: skip -

advance to game 2: skip -

advance to game 3: play -

back to game 1.

i would rather see game 4 at this point. ( in the past i would indeed see game 4)

i think the cycle is being broken specifically because i have auto-advance off, and after i play, the server now sees me on a page that is not my turn and so when i click the next game button, the cycle has reset.

i agree ordering by remaining time is better than ordering by an arbitrary game id, but would prefer to complete a full cycle once begun. no idea how technically feasible it is though.


This “bug” will probably be fixed, but I have to say that I will probably miss it :sweat_smile:
But I understand that wanting to skip games makes sense and it’s annoying that they reappear.

This is not always feasible, but I guess it’s enough to start over. But how? Would changing tab be enough?

Right - the act of playing is currently sending you back to the most urgent.

There are two explanations for this:

  1. The change was done in the context of live simuls, so in live going back to the most urgent makes sense
  2. I might not have properly thought through the effect of playing a move on the list of “boards that we have moves on” :wink:

_Sofiam feels that going back to review the most urgent after playing a move is not a bug it’s a feature.

But honestly, I think that for correspondence it is the wrong thing. I know that I personally doubtless clicked “advance” on the most urgent game because the move on that game is too hard for me right now. This means I want to look at all the other moves I have to play before coming back to it.

For live this makes no sense. I think that in live we always want the “advance” to take us to the most urgent first. We can always click again if we’re still stuck on that one.

So this is what I’m going about tweaking to have happen,

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I agree with everything else and it seems to me a right decision, but in my opinion this is not true.
If it applies to correspondence games in my opinion it should also apply to live games.
I have played live simus with a lot (for my standards :sweat_smile:) of time and it is easy to imagine someone wanting to postpone a move in one of those.
And by the way, those who do it now would have to “fight” with tabs that open every time you click on the counter, so I don’t see it as a big improvement for live simuls.

Sorry if I am sounding too critical, it’s not my intention.

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It’s good to have constructive criticism and feedback.

I think it’s been observed/agreed (by me and others) that this change (no matter what algorithm is used) isn’t really The Solution for simuls.

In fact, The Solution for Simuls is Simuls Support, and I’m collecting input about that rather large kind of proposal.

If having live games always go to the most urgent on auto-advance turns out to be a bad idea, we can turn that off very easily. I’m thus inclined to try it anyhow :slight_smile:


I definitely think this change is not good or desired behavior for correspondence games. I urge this change be backed out

For correspondence games, there are other ways to find the “most urgent” game (which might have hours or days left to make a move),

For live games, or Simul live games… then some more is likely needed

To clarify:

… further urging is unnecessary, it’s on its way :slight_smile:


thanks for trying to improve OGS and being willing to course correct as needed

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In theory this should be fixed now.

  • In correspondence “advance” (whether by playing a move or clicking the circle) should continue your journey through your games
  • In live, clicking the circle will take you through your games, but playing a move should take you to the most urgent (restarting your journey from there).

As always, let me know if you see bad things :slight_smile: