Chat enabled?

Is is possible to know if a “silent” player (someone who doesn’t say anything in the game chat) has chat enabled or not?
I think about those who didn’t register email address. I don’t know if there are other cases.

Is there any icon or text information somewhere to check it?

Not that I know … and I’d think privacy rules would forbid that.

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Sometimes users complain about other user’s politeness.
This is the last I recall:

Few days ago I discovered that chat is disabled for users who don’t register an email address.
These users just can’t say “hello” and it isn’t nice to seem “rude” when you just can’t type anything.

BTW, I also discovered that these users can share variations in the game chat, that is a little confusing: “that guy doesn’t talk to me but tells me how to play, so rude!”. Isn’t it?

I don’t know which would be the best way to manage it all, but seems worth thinking about.


Pardon the intrusion, but what privacy rules? We’re talking about a message saying “Your opponent’s chat is disabled because he did not register an e-mail address.”, or something to that effect. Or maybe it makes more sense to omit any justification and simply say “Your opponent’s chat is disabled”. What privacy rule would forbid that?

Oh well, that was just a shot in the dark … I actually have no idea, just thought it was nobody else’s business whether and why somebody’s chat was disabled.

Summoning @anoek, maybe he can say anything about this.

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I like it :slight_smile:

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But in that case you also have to somehow let freshly-registered users know that they need to log off and log in again before they can actually chat.

Otherwise there will be players who have registered, but can’t chat, yet won’t trigger the “can’t chat, hasn’t registered” message. :slight_smile:

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Or alternatively fix the logging off / logging in thing to start with, which is probably annoying to fix.

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