Chat shortcuts

I added the following shortcuts to Chat and GameChat. All keywords are case-insensitive. All automatically link to the appropriate page (either if an URL is provided or not).

  • user profiles
    The following strings are replaced by the username with the appropriate coloring. For example
    • player or user followed by the user_id ¹
    • any link to a OGS profile page (optionally put player or user in front)
    • @"${username}" ²
    • @"${username}/${user_id}" ². Press tab when typing the username to automatically complete it. A second tab surrounds the username with @" and /${user_id}", so you don’t have to look up the player id. The added user_id has the advantage to remain linked if the user changes their name.
  • games, reviews, demo boards, joseki, groups, tournaments, puzzles
    • game followed by the game id. For the others the keywords are review, demo, joseki, group, tournament, puzzle ¹
    • a URL to this resources is shortened to ${keyword} ${id}. The optionally keyword in front is not doubled, but gets part of the link. URLs to tournament-records are shortened to tournament-record ${id}
  • library
    URLs to sgf libraries are shortend to library ${id}
  • OGS Go tutorial (Learn to play Go)
    URLs are shortened to tutorial ${section_name} followed by exercise ${number} if the URL points to a specific exercise
  • URLs to a entry on are shortened to senseis: ${title}.`
  • wiki
    links to the documentation are shortened to wiki: ${title}
  • forum
    Links to the forum are replaced by the topic title
  • email addresses are linked with a mailto:, so a click on them opens the compose email window of your email program (if you use one).
  • GitHub
    • gh, pr and issue followed by an id (number) automatically link to the GitHub issue/pull request. ¹
    • URLs to OGS issues are shortened to GH-${id}
  • other URLs are linked but not shortened.

The following commands already existed and are unchanged and work only when be at the beginning of the chat line:

  • /me make the chat line cursive. (third person)
  • /senseis, /google and /lmgtfy followed by any text should generate a search URL for the respective site.

¹ keyword and id can be separated by “ ”, “#”, “ #”, “-”, or “-#” (an optional space or -, as well as an optional #)
² ${name} indicates variable content. Replace it by the indicated thing.


Please let me know if anything doesn’t work as intended. Especially if some URLs aren’t replaced as expected (e.g. leftovers of the URL game 123/blah) or there are awkward word combinations resulting from adding an keyword without knowing the context (e.g. game game 124)

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I did find one bug with game chat and went ahead and opened an issue for it earlier today.


Fix is waiting to get merged. Sorry for breaking it in the beginning.

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