Check acceptance for a challenge game with handicap

I think this would be useful too. I think that the Komi column currently displays “Auto” when the Handicap is “Auto”, so something like

Auto (2 stones) Auto (+2.5)

seems fine, and useful info to be able to see quickly, especially on small boards where the komi does make a noticeable difference and can be anywhere from 0,5 to 7 in handicap games (or maybe even reverse komis ?), depending on the handicap and rulesets.

The headers are currently next to each other already, too, so that should be fairly easy to do.


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My stats for Blitz games played in March: 101 games (even or handicap) were played normally, and 19 games were cancelled by my opponent among which

  • even games: 2
  • H1 games: 3
  • H2 games: 8
  • H4 games: 1
  • H5 games: 5 (often by the same opponent).

I don’t know how many games are cancelled because of handicap, at most 17/120 = 14%, and I haven’t played enough games to check whether “cancellation based on unexpected handicap goes up dramatically with handicap amount” since high handicap games are relatively rare, at least around my rank, and when using automatch. I don’t know about the experience of other players with a different rank and/or who use custom games.

I can also imagine that when using custom games you could put a game name like “WARNING!!! AUTO HANDICAP!!!” that people wouldn’t read.

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I didn’t notice a big problem with cancellations when I played 100 handicap 9x9 games in March. If someone cancels, I just try again. But with free handicap, most people seem to not realize what is going on and get stuck. Half the time I don’t notice either, even though I created the game. I reflexively play tengen then sit there stupidly waiting for White to play…

A notification prior to the first move would be helpful at least in this case!

Isn’t that one of the reasons they added the Handicap information next to the game clocks recently?

Well, as it looks that there will no way the system solve my pb, I will send a message like this one to handicap escapers : “a** hl learn to read”

Please don’t do anything in breach of the terms of service.


People who cancel don’t necessarily cancel because of handicap. See my stats above: among 120 games, 2 even games were cancelled.

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Don’t be so pessimistic, some proposition have been made.


People who cancel don’t necessarily cancel because of handicap. See my stats above: among 120 games, 2 even games were cancelled.

you’re lucky
I’ve got several escaping (maybe 2 to 6) each day.

If players would have apologise, I would have forget this, but no apologise (or max 1 for each year)

You apologize when you feel you do something wrong. When you get a button “cancel” for a few turns at the start of your game you may not feel wrong to push it. Like you are covered by the OGS system.

It’s like canceling became a regular normal process. Players rushing to be the first to accept a challenge and then cancel if it is not what they want.

Besides I stay curious how you are sure that every canceling you got are due to the handicap setting.


Actually, I’m sure that cancellings are not 100% caused by handicap surprised, but I’m sure that a high number of these cancellings are due to handicap.

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That didn’t answer the question: how?

NOT :slight_smile:

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hundreds of this :

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That’s no proof it’s because of handicap (although one can assume it is)