Cho Chikun VS DeepZenGo

Hey guys,

it looks we have another interesting computer go game coming up in november.

The games will be streamed on niconico douga.
The links to the games are: (11/19, 12:30 PM JST) (11/20, ditto) (11/23, ditto).
You can set (or reserve) “time shift” viewing, which allows you to watch later.
Set the first language of your web browser to English and access You will be able to register (free) and will be able to watch the games.
3 games: 11/19, 11/20, 11/23
Broadcast: 12:30 start (JST)
Games: 13:00 start (JST)
Game 1: Ichiriki Ryo
Game 2: Takao Shinji
Game 3: Iyama Yuta
Rules: Japanese, 6.5 komi
Timing: 2 hours main time, 3x60sec byo-yomi
Hardware: CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2699v4 (44 cores/2.2 GHz) GPU: 4 x nVidia Titan X (Pascal) RAM: 128GB


Exciting! We get see how our beloved oji-san fare against the AI.

cho chikun is my favorite player, but I’m not sure if it’s because of his personality or play style

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It’s his badass afro, admit it!


hmmm it adds to his aura I have to admit haha

Do you guy know if there is an english commentary now? Too bad, but dwyrin was not interested… :confused:

It looks like Michael Redmond (assisted by Antti Tormanen) will be doing English commentary (at least for the first game).


I hope there is an english translation. If not, I will make it my goal to learn Japanese so I can translate for others !!

Yes, read vaxjo’s reply above. Micael Redmond and Antti Tormanen (Ten on OGS) will be doing English Commentary.

Must be on now already, or?

Sadly I have neither the time nor the mindspace to watch … wish y’all much fun watching!

ah cool, I like redmond. Never heard of Antti, apparently he’s 1p

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So, for your information, Cho Chikun with black won the first match against the computer by resign. It kinda seemed to me that DeepZenGo was weaker than expected.

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where can i watch the recorded stream? I missed it live. I would like to hear Redmonds live commentary.
I have to be a premium member to watch the recorded livestream on, which is funny because is where I tried watching it live, but the site had 8000 viewers and it was very laggy. Why they think I would pay a premium membership for a laggy site I don’t know. I know it’s not my fault the site was laggy because I have google fiber and 20+ ram.

Here’s to hoping someone will upload the original stream on youtube.

Does anyone know if SGF files of these games are available anywhere?

Finally, here some links:

live commentary to second game:

English comment by 9p to first game:


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For those asking recording of original stream with Michael Redmond (9p) and Antti Tormanen (1p) English commentary:

Game 1:
Game 2:

And here is the SGF of the first two games:

Game 1
Zen vs Cho Chikun game 1.sgf (6.1 KB)

Game 2
Zen vs Cho Chikun game 2.sgf (1.6 KB)


Wise, thanks for the link. At least I can understand what they are saying. Chinese accent is no fun to listen.

Is Antti Tormanen the fist first Finnish pro?

I think so.

You racist. Which Chinese english speaker were you listening to? There’s none that I know off.

You forgot to add :

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