Clock choir

After playing online for so long, we start to forget what a real offline tournament sounds like. From 4:40 you can hear the clocks talking from the many boards. Isn’t it fun? Did you have talking clocks in tournaments?


I’d rather just hear the stones.

That was very famous annoyance from the ing clocks


Like, I get the idea behind it, but I don’t understand how not one person on the design team realized that there are like seven better ways to implement an audio cue in a game clock. Given how expensive these things are, I almost want to design and market my own (lol with what time) for like half the price. You could add wifi/bluetooth to link up with the game recorder’s laptop for the price they charge for a glorified stopwatch.


I wanted to share a funny video but I can’t find it anymore! :rage:

Something like "100 ing timer speaking together " :smile:

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@Lys Awfully hard to find with the typo in the name. (Normal ideas for searches don’t work properly)

The trick I’ve found is that when ‘Go’ fails sometimes ‘weiqi’ and/or ‘baduk’ succeeds


I agree. I’m designing a go clock for the masses right now. Any description or link to better ways to do audio cues?