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Sometimes topics are closed the day of the last reply but sometimes it is 3 months after the last reply. Why is that?

If you look at the verbiage, the ones closed after 3 months explain they were automatically closed 91 days after the last reply. This locks out old, dead threads to keep things fresh. The others were closed by moderators for various reasons, sometimes explained in the thread before the closure. Sometimes it’s because a topic was resolved, sometimes it’s because things are heading towards a flame war, etc. There are tons of reasons a mod would lock a thread.


Why do some topics stay open then? Such as this one from 3 years ago? It was not closed 91 days after the last reply. It is still open today. That makes sense on why some are closed at different times, but not why some are still open. Is there an answer for this question too?

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I don’t know! You can make a new topic.

Why would I do that? What I said is related to what I said 3 years ago.

I like that I was also the one to reply to you three years ago, lol. I suspect that it has something to do with the topic, some auto-close and some don’t. It’s also possible that this setting was changed at some point in that timeframe.


I agree to @polar-bear

“Post can’t be empty”


Doesn’t explain why. Just explains what categories auto close topics. And that people have different opinions about that.

OGS Development discussions depend on the current state of OGS. Since OGS develops over time, the discussions are outdated after a while.


Do any new meta topics now auto close after a month? Just wondering because I saw one like that.

Here was the topic, it is one of the recent ones.

I do not know


Um, what did you write?

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Do you understand now?