Collective development of a server for variants

Definitely. I made an note earlier about showing the variant (#86), and komi/other invisible config parameters would be good too.

Haha yeah this is a result of my contempt for CSS and overall laziness. Will take another look!


I’ve gained some experience with (s)css lately. Maybe display: flex with flex-flow: wrap could be good. Should I have a look?

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I think in general we might want to use a grid layout. Also for the game list on the front page.

Edit: Actually a flex layout for the game list might be good too, I don’t know what’s more fitting.


Add Freeze Go please <3 :smiley:
Normal Go but with the extra rule " If your opponent placed stones of yours into atari, you cannot capture any stone or stones on your next move" typically played on 13x13
It’s also a very serious variant that is gonna be played at the egc ! :open_mouth:
Peace <3




And while I was looking at the ECG Tournaments page, I added One Color Go and Keima Go as well :slight_smile:


It’s actually really cool - fun to mess around with :slight_smile:

Could be fun to set up a correspondence or live game of it if someones interested :slight_smile:


Yeah, I haven’t played many of these variants yet, and I’d like to try 'em! :slight_smile:

There’s a variant that seems a bit mad

I tried a brief game of it, because I feel like the endgame could be very funky, because capturing dead groups with one eye might actually lead you to lose the game, if you’re forced to fill in your own eyespace for the surrounding group, with this N+1 placement rule.


It’s maybe not that severe (I think you can still kill dead groups with one eye), but it does make for a fun puzzle.

How do you win this game as black with the above ruleset? :smiley:


What is N here?

Oh it’s if you capture N stones, your opponent has to place N+1 stones on their next turn if they are able to, or as many as you can up to N+1.

So you can’t suicide stones, but say black captures one white group above, white will be able to replace the 8 stones captured, but the 9th has no place to be played.

But how many stones did white capture on the turn that led to the given position?
And why is suicide forbidden?

That’s a good point assume none.

I guess because it would be a way for you to lower the amount of stones you were forced to play if you could suicide some of them. The goal is annihilation and not score, so no passing unless you have no other legal moves available.

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If black captures, white is forced to recapture (no other legal moves), then black has two moves and captures both groups, winning.

The solution seems too obvious, so what am I missing there?

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I don’t think you’re missing anything. It’s just it extends to three, four groups etc. It wasn’t supposed to be a hard puzzle, but just a funny way that the group revives and gets captured again.


So this one’s a bit silly, because if it’s black’s turn they’re forced to pass (no passing unless it’s forced), but it kind of shows why someone with only dead groups in special situations might win.


I’d like to know if this game is non-cyclic, if anyone has any ideas for a prooof…

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Just include a superko rule?

Interesting question!

It’s a seriously difficult problem. Guys were working on this for weeks. One guy came up with a proof that I didn’t understand and didn’t find satisfactory. Something like if one player has to win then the other has to lose…