Computer assistant?

@SanDiego @trohde

That’s a good point :smile: I’ve updated the group page and would make it clear in the rule in the next cycle.


My assumption is that a “computer assistant” means you can use a computer go program on your own computer to help you plan each of your moves.

As they are made, I enter each move into the local game board, setting my local program to play the opposite color. The computer’s response to my opponent’s move gives me a “hint” I can start with when planning my next move.

I did this a few times when playing very strong players at another go website (Yahoo, no longer extant) under a separate account from my usual one so this would not affect my rank. It was a lot of fun “cheating” like this and I felt that I learned some go from it. I also learned that too often in the context of many good moves I could see that my go program produced obvious bad moves, yet I didn’t have the reading ability that allowed me to make much better moves than my computer.

When I started playing here at OGS I discovered a much better strategy: after every game I analyze the game, looking for better moves, and in particular, ways I could have avoided disaster. I learn so much this way that I have improved faster and more consistently than through reading books or playing games.