I’ve started playing regular games on OGS and I’d like to contribute to the githib projects.

Here’s my GitHub profile:

I’ve been in the software developer industry for.many years and looking for a new project to contribute to while I’m not playing go :slight_smile:

Is there a contribution guide available along with any requests of tickets to focus on?




Have a look at this GitHub repository:

Read the CONTRIBUTING file.

I did take a look at the repo and saw several issues. Any preference to bugs or features or just grab some and go (pun intended)

Thanks for the link to the contribution guide. That all looks good and I’m familiar with node/typescript/react etc.


Clossius would like some features added and is offering private lessons in return:

I suggest that you discuss any change first and get agreement from @anoek before you start coding.

Oh good stuff. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ll reach out. Thanks!


Hello and thank you for offering help :slight_smile: it is always most appreciated.

You can probably judge that better yourself, but I am afraid many of Clossius’s request would require backend access which is NOT open source.

If you do not find anything there you would like, my completely personal advice would be to either try and ask anoek, or (maybe even better) just pick something YOU would like to change/improve. There is so many things to do and everyone is passionate about different stuff… It might just be best to work on something YOU would enjoy the most.

And if you are just looking for ideas this page (while perhaps a little outdated) might still give you some selection to look through.

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Excellent. I’ll take a look.

Is there only specific people that have backend access and go through some sort of vetting process? I would imagine this is due to the sensitivity of server side operations related to tracking games.

Do you employ a code review process for server side changes?


So looking at GitHub there’s quite a few open issues.

Are all the open issues on the repo strictly for client side fixes/enhancements or are there server side fixes mixed in there?

I can certainly chip away at some of them. I’m assuming the priority label would be the most valuable to look at?


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The issue tracker contains both client and server side.

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