Correspondence game "timezone" preference

Note that the website already does this sort of time zone conversion in several places, like timestamps on when games start/end, chat messages, tournament start times

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That is exactly what I had in mind.

I think the existing conversions are all from UTC to local, which is relatively easy.

Re-localizing a local recurring event like “2:30am Pacific time” is more of a challenge that common timezone libraries usually avoid. For example, what do you do on the day in spring when that time doesn’t exist? Or in the fall, when it happens twice?

If we do it right, though, this would be a great feature!


I think that the backend for various OGS functionalities is just handled all in UTC, for things like the regularly scheduled tournaments, the beginning/end of weekend pauses.

One wrinkle is that some regions observe daylight savings time, while others do not, and the beginning/end of these periods vary around the world. One way to handle this is to just fix the pause schedule according to UTC at the back end (while still translating to local time for user views), which would mean that it would shift (relative to local time) during DST transitions, in regions that observe these.