(Correspondence) What algorithm does OGS follow when choosing which game to play next?

What algorithm does OGS follow when choosing which game to play next after making a move for a game?

I am asking because I always want to play the next urgent game (i.e. the game with the least timing left before timeout), but it always brings me to some other random game which I do not intent to play yet. Hence I have to go back to the main page every time to select the game I want to play.

It’s arranged according to the time left on the main page, but how come when I’m playing it doesn’t go in that sequence?


I’m not too sure what order it follows. Perhaps it is just based the arbitrary ordering of how the records are stored.

There is a similar discussion in this thread

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Any updates on this matter? Any plan to change the algorithm? It get’s really annoying when you just want to play the most urgent games out of all the games you are playing…


At this point, I assume it is Random and keep going back to the Home page as the only way to play the most urgent games first.

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If you’re not using a smartphone, you can open your games in tabs simply by clicking with the mouse wheel. You could just open a bunch of them in order, and close the tabs after your moves. If your browser is set up correctly, you should have the games in order as you close tabs. Anyway, it is not ideal, and it would probably be better to be able to specify an order, directly from the website, but in the meantime I have found it to work decently.

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I guess that’s a better alternative then going back to the homepage every time… Thanks for the suggestion!

Though I still find it weird that the games don’t go according to a certain order… DGS does, I wonder why here doesn’t.


I realised I’m in desperate need of this function as I have so many games… It will flood my tabs if I open all those urgent games in new tabs… Can the admin please consider adding this function?


Yes, the “next open game” button in the top right seems​ to choose the next game randomly.

Out of my 20 correspondence games, I would like to do 2-3 moves in the most urgent games. Maybe even respecting weekend breaks.

@anoek what’s the current logic for choosing the next game?

We look at the current game you’re on, then pick the next game it’s your move on based on game ID. I always kinda liked that solution because it gives a way to hop on and do one move for every game you’re in, then log off… that way if there’s one or two other people on making moves right away on your shorter correspondence games, those games don’t keep popping up while you’re cycling through your games. Though I certainly wouldn’t object to someone making an option to progress a different way, it’d be a good setting. The code is here if anyone wants to take a crack at it: https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/blob/devel/src/components/Notifications/Notifications.tsx#L215-L250

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I think this method is good for people who have few games, and want to play all the games at one go. For people who have many games, and prefer to play those more urgent games, this may not be a good method.

Since correspondence means can play many games at once, I think it’s natural that people want to clear the urgent games first, rather then go through all the games according to game ID.

Game ID… I see… No wonder I keep coming back to the same game after making the move.

Yes I agree, I can certainly see the desire for sorting by time which is why I’d be happy to accept a pull request to add that in as an option. Currently the average number of games that correspondence players have going on at any one time is about 10, which makes me think the current sorting system is a good default. But yeah once you get 50, 100, 200 games going at once, sort by time seems like it’d make the most sense.

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Thanks for considering :slight_smile:

Average is about 10… Hmm… Looks like I’m the crazy one with over 100 games…

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Haha, well it looks like there’s about 6 of you that can maintain > 100 games, so you’re not alone… but it is pretty impressive! :slight_smile:

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