Creating a Go Poster to attract students at my school

Agreed 100%. Inviting people 1-by-1 is the most effective. I also use (paid) and it has a very small effect where people trickle in.

Lastly I developed the website (aka expressly for the purpose of helping players find a local club near them, so we’d love to see your club listed there as well!

Oh also I made this handout you can use to teach new people really quickly. Also they can take home and then find you again. Might be good for those folk walking by.


1.Wouldn’t it be more effective if you can teach multiple people at once, but since I am not good at explaining I can only teach 1 by 1,yesterday I taught two guys how to play go,and both of them were very interested in learning the game(good thing to know that people are willing to learn)
2.I already posted my club on,i am “running” a go club at Rutgers(A math professor at my school actually came to one of our meetings which is kinda cool)
3. Great handout,I could use all the examples in this discussion and see what I can come up

  1. Yes, if you have two people, teach them the rules and then let them play each other. Don’t comment too much, and when you do make it a question not a correction.
  2. So glad to hear that!
  3. Thanks, I think these simple rules allow players to get started quickly without having to worry about eyes or other challenging topics.

And find some partner in crime to accompany even if they are just novices. They will be good demonstration crews to show how bad they are and how good you are with teaching games. :woman_supervillain:

(and double as crowds if you have more, the strength in number, just like Go).

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haha I will keep that in mind, thank you!