Creating a private game

I am new to OGS and trying to set up a private game with my friends, however even though the game is clicked as “private” random people are still able to see the game and join it.
Perhaps I am doing something wrong, how do I create a private game?

The private game you are making just means no one aside from the two players, moderators and people you allow are able to spectate the game/ see it after its over.

To make a game strictly for your friend you must challenge them. Clicking on their username, will bring up a menu with a challenge option.

You may find this link useful: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



I just want to add that the “private” option is only needed if you don’t want everyone to be able to see the game. There’s no need to set the game against you friends as private if you don’t want to hide the board positions from everyone. Ranked games cannot be private.

That’s just what I was trying to find out, thank you for your assistance!

private game

you can create private games, but how do you create games?

Click on OGS menu up, chose play. Then chose custom game. (You cannot play from here in the forum, you have to go back to the main site, you can do that by clicking on the online go just below the OGS button up, if you don’t see it, you need to scroll up to the beginning of the thread)

More ways to play, you can check the FAQ , link Here

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