Custom boards

THank you @Vsotvep & @michiakig for helping code free people such as myself easily create a customised setup. I managed to make it look like this which I’m pretty happy with.


oh wow nice one, i really like the combination background image and top bar! i’m glad it worked for you :blush:


On the off chance, someone else was considering coding a PR for this, as not to double our efforts, I have looked at it today and think I can make it happen. So find something else to work on :smiley:

I think it should be doable? Will keep it in mind.


Just happen to be watching a couple of wonderful players and testing out my new bamboo board style. Thanks @Vsotvep! I look forward to putting it to the real test with a live game here in a little while.


Having fun with this.

Can you guys help by posting the tags for the elements?

I’ve figured out .Goban and .black.player-container but I would also like to control the color of the timers, lines, stone images, last move color, ect…

If we have a .class list it will make it easier for everyone I think.




or both



The best way is to right click anything and use “inspect element” which should help find CSS classes or IDs. You can then override easily with !important in your user stylesheet.

The stones and lines are drawn with HTML canvas so I’m not sure if it’s easy to swap images using CSS alone. But here’s a quick script that will hopefully help, it does nothing but replace the stones with gems …

To swap with some other images, just install with Tampermonkey, open the dashboard and open the script source code, then replace the two imgur URLs in the script with your own images, and save the script. It should work… but if it doesn’t I can try to help

(actually I thought this would be ugly but I think I kind of like it with the dark background :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Changing the color of the lines I think is as simple as this Javascript:
data.setDefault("custom.line", "pink");
(data is a global from OGS source I think so this can go anywhere)

edit: I think custom line color only works with the “plain” style so best if you are also overloading the background… probably a better way but too sleepy to read more OGS source for tonight

I’m not sure where the color for the circle on the last moved stone is but I think it’s also Javascript


It took me a while, but OGS now supports custom board background! (I am still keeping custom stones and “blind/one-color” versions in mind, will add that later hopefully)

To add your own background:

  1. Click your upper right avatar.
  2. Select “custom” board option, and 3 new elements will appear.
  3. Paste an external link to your desired image. This setting will be saved locally and is device specific.

:exclamation: The link provided needs to be a direct image link (with no other elements on the page, just the image)
The simplest way to achieve this is to right-click any image you are viewing (or uploaded to some image hosting website) and selecting “copy image address” or “copy image link” (or something similar depending on your browser). Now just paste (ctrl+v) into the OGS form, all boards should immediately update with the selected image.

Pretty much any format is supported, the images can be transparent or vector or animated gif as well and do not need to be square, but in that case part of the image that stretches over the goban will be cut-off.

If you have some unique pick, you can brag here


As a practical matter, I’ll quickly recommend that a custom board be somewhat close to middle-tone in lightness, so that both black and white show up well against it.


How would I upload an image to use for this/what site would work if I wanted to upload something for this?


Just post the photo link here and someone will help you (not me as I don’t really know how to do it


You can use for example:
For “private” images you do not need an account, just click hidden when the upload is done. Then remember to right-click the image and chose “copy image link” (or something similar) and paste that to the field :slight_smile:


And now I realized you can actually just upload them here at the forums :smiley: would work just as well.


Hello. I know we have custom boards now, and perhaps we’ll get custom stones in the future.

But how many other people know that?

I suggest to make an ad with examples and small explanation about how to set it up so we can post it in go groups.


Isn’t it the object of this topic itself?

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I guess it’s plausible that there are players that only play and chat on the main site that don’t use the forum. Maybe they only come here if they have an issue or want a review etc.

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Sorry I didn’t get that, an ad for the main site. Nice idea then, although the editing available are much more restricted as in the forum.

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Yeah, I’ll consider it once all the functionality is there, as it’s a feature just for fun and nothing really cruicial therevis probably no rush to advertise :slight_smile: and then again when stones are added

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I guess when S_Alexander mentioned go groups,

I just presumed it had something to do with the main site.

I guess I was imagining something like editing this wiki

with a customisation page (examples of the customisations available and maybe link to the relevant forum posts), and then you probably only need to link it once, but check back again when it’s been updated with future updates @AdamR.

Instead of deleting comments from the other thread (Board backgrounds library), maybe it would make more sense to just move them here. The discussion contained in those posts could still be useful, even though they do not contain images.

I think that completely deleting something should only be reserved for more serious issues of abuse (like spam or harassment), and not applied to merely “off-topic” chat. Is it possible to restore those comments (and move them to this thread)?


Didn’t know this forum existed til now.
Now I realise the other is just a gallery, I could go back and tidy up some previous posts.
I’m also thinking of uploading a range of boards optimised for different resolutions.
I think that forum is as good a place for a repository as anywhere.

Fair enough. When you do have all the customisation options sorted, as well as a small library of images, a mini launch/ notification to the general community might be nice.