Dark go joseki bug?

Hello my name is wenzheSong and I notice a problem with darkgo ,darkgo is not able to recognize the jouseki 村正妖刀 and it made darkgo lost a lot of games , hopefully you can fix this bug.

Updated the title and the category because your post is in regards to dark go not leela zero slow and also none of the bots are maintained by ogs but rather are managed by users.

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Could you provide more information please? I looked at dark go page and did not see a lot of losses. I looked at your page and did not see a lot of wins. Could you elaborate on this bug you found? Possibly link to specific games and move sequences you think are at fault?

I don’t feel like I can comment on strategy at dan level, but I can try to make it easier for other people to understand what Wenzhe Song means.

村正の妖刀 joseki is translated as the magical sword of Muramasa, which is the continuatien of a two-space high pincer following the high approach of a 34. The main problem seems to be that DarkGo misreads the ladder after N14 in this variation.

Some games against DarkGo where this is played are:


Some explanation from the website of DarkGo’s creator, pjreddie (who also administers the bot here on OGS). It appears the bot does no search (contrary to AlphaGo, Leela and many other bots), so it judges what to play purely on the current position on the board. This makes it very vulnerable to ladders, of course.

It seems to have trained on professional games, so if the problematic joseki has never been played by profs, that might be why DarkGo does not recognise its pitfalls. Animiral gave a pretty good explanation in an earlier forum post over here


https://online-go.com/game/13569012 Check this out