Decrease my rank

Hi there, id like to have my rank decreased to what it was before i played this game:

The reason for that is that i don’t think that my rating should go up for beating a bot.

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The solution is extremely simple: play other humans in ranked games. You will reach your appropriate rating within a couple of games. If you don’t want your bot games to affect your rating, simply don’t play bots or make the games unranked.


i forgot to unrank that game. I usually play bots to keep my skill relatively sharp. But forgot this time to simply click that box to make it unranked.

If its not something that can be altered then im fine to leave it as it were, but i never try to treat bot games as games that count toward ranks on OGS.

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Maybe a moderator will annul your game.

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Yes, I cannot do any changes to your rank per se, but if it is one game you want annulled that’s no problem :slight_smile: it’s done.


thank you very much. i really appreciate that.


Do you know why I lose points when I win games ? I was at 1354 in 19x19 and then I won a game and I am at 1343…
Please help.

Explanation here