Different icons for Title tournament trophies

I took 2 years or so to finish my very long Oza Treizes tourny. Got 2nd but have a trophy that’s completely indistinguishable from the other site trophies. That makes me sad. :frowning: Even the title holder’s one is the exact same icon as any other Gold. Thought title tournaments were special.


Title tournaments were special - Look at my profile page, I was lucky to get all kinds of special trophies, old and new. However, if you do a little search, you’ll find they were officially discontinued and the feature request to continue them has been declined.

Also, the Oza Treizes title was created after that (by me), so it’s even less official. One thing that could/should be fixed is, when you hover the mouse over the 13x13 tournament trophies, you should be able to see the names of the tournaments as those for 19x19 and 9x9 tourneys, instead of “gold/silver/bronze_tourn_13”.

As the TD for manually-held title tournaments after the official ones stopped, I do still consider them ‘official’ myself. Therefore, I might start creating pages for them on Sensei’s Library. Besides that, if you’d like, I can send you the link to the badge that you can paste in your profile page (as what Nova League did).

Ah! Thank you for explaining the history of that. Never knew they have been discontinued as well. The level of participation was huge enough that I neglected it as being self-made by users (or at least currently managed by non-mods) and being officially created by the devs or mods.

What’s TD btw?

I’m not too hung up on such superfluous things, but I’ll make an exception for my first and only participation in a Title Tournament (I have no patience to do another). So do send me the link for the badge thank you!

I think it’s for “Tournament Director”.

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Thanks @trohde for explanation! Maybe that wasn’t a common abbreviation :smile:

@hiryuu Just sent you the badge through pm :wink:


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