Diplomatic Go đź—ˇ The Second Game

Hello everyone, welcome to the second game of Diplomatic Go.
This game has officially started at 2020-10-07T20:00:00Z.

Update: the game has now finished. Here is the kibitz thread.


Joining us as the players, we have:

Here is the code for the colours


Please make sure you understand the rules before playing. Here is a short summary, the detailed rules can be found below:

  • The game is played on a 13x13 board.
  • Each turn you submit three moves to the arbiter (me) in the PM thread that I will start with you.
  • Turns take 24 hours, but if you can’t make it before the deadline, the round will be automatically be extended to 48 hours. Please try to make it before 24 hours, though.
  • If players miss the 48 hour deadline as well, I will start searching for a replacement player.
  • The goal of the game is to survive longer than your opponents. You will be eliminated if you have less than N / 2 - 3 at the end of the N-th round. For example, at the end of round 8 / start of round 9 you will need to have 1 or more stones on the board, and at the end of round 13 / start of round 14 you need to have 4 or more stones on the board.
  • Players are free to stray away from the goal of the game for personal or strategic preference.
  • Eliminated players cannot influence the game in any way, and their stones are not removed from the board upon elimination.
  • You are allowed to discuss strategies with any of your opponents, and in groups of any size. Please do not discuss the game with anyone who is not a player. It is not allowed to invite new members to an already existing group discussion.

You are encouraged to write a log of your plans and send them in a PM to the arbiter, who will relay these logs either immediately or after the game has finished (please tell me if this is the case) to the private kibitz thread.

Detailed Rules

Thanks to @yebellz and @le_4TC for writing these:

Basic rules
  1. The board is a standard 13x13 go board.
  2. There are 8 players, each using a unique color of stone.
  3. The game will be played here on these forums, in another dedicated thread that will be created, and via private messages for private discussion between the players and arbiter.
  4. The game involves multiple rounds of play, where each player may (attempt to) place a single stone in each round.
  5. If a player feels that another has broken the rules, please only contact the game arbiter who will work on how to resolve the issue and serve as the judge to settle any disputes about conduct.
General Order of Play
  1. Each round of play lasts 24 hours. If some player has not submitted a move by the deadline, the deadline is extended by 24 hours. If this occurs, it will be publicly announced by the arbiter and all players can continue discussion and potentially change their moves for that round.
  2. The deadline in each round may only be extended once. Failing to submit a move after the extended deadline will be interpreted as submitting a pass.
  3. Players who fail to submit a move after the extended deadline may be replaced at the discretion of the arbiter.
  4. During each round, players can discuss, negotiate, and plan their moves, intentions, alignments, etc. See the “Communication” section below.
  5. Each player should privately submit their move to the arbiter (via private message) before the deadline runs out.
  6. Players can change their submitted move up until the deadline at the end of the round. This includes “taking back” a submission to intentionally cause an extension.
  7. After the deadline runs out, the arbiter will work out and reveal what happened on the board from the moves submitted by the players, and then the next round will begin. See sections below on move submission and capturing mechanics.
  1. During each round, players can discuss publicly in the game thread and/or privately via private messages with other players.
  2. Private messages are allowed between arbitrary groups of players, but players may never invite a new player to a private thread (instead they should start a new thread which includes that player).
  3. Each player will also have a private thread with the game arbiter for submitting moves and asking rules questions that they do not wish to publicly ask in the game thread. These threads are created by the arbiter at the start of the game.
  4. All game related discussion should be confined to these official channels, in order clearly distinguish the boundaries between the game and other interaction in these forums.
  5. There shall be no discussion about the game, through any channel, between players and non-players during the game.
  6. Players can make promises and offer alliances, but nothing spoken during these discussions is binding on what moves they submit.
  7. Please keep communication as civil as possible (the general forum rules still apply).
Submitting Moves and Resolving Collisions
  1. When submitting a move, each player may either submit a pass, or submit a board play.
  2. Submitting a board play involves specifying the coordinates where one wishes to place a stone and a list of contingency placements, should the first choice fails due to a collision. Board play may be at locations that are occupied by a stone.
  3. Players may submit up to 3 different choices, clearly indicating first, second and third choice.
  4. The arbiter will first attempt to place a stone for each player at their first choice.
  5. If multiple players pick the same location with their first choice or if the position is already occupied by a stone, none of the players get to play at that location, and the arbiter will attempt to place a stone for the colliding players’ second choices.
  6. If those second choices collide with each other, with stones previously played as other player’s first choices or with stones already on the board, those second choices are not played, and the process similarly moves onto their third choices.
  7. If all of a player’s choices collide with those of others, they do not get to place a stone that round.
  8. Player’s second and third choices will not be revealed if any earlier choice successfully placed a stone. However, any collisions that occur will be revealed.
Capturing Mechanics
  1. As a prerequisite, the board plays, collisions, and contingencies are resolved according to the section above, which results in a set of newly placed stones.
  2. The newly placed stones and any chains (of the same color) that they connect to are called “new chains”. The other chains are called “old chains”.
  3. First, any old chains without liberties are removed.
  4. Then, any new chains without liberties are removed.
  5. Note that this allows suicide and for some cases of simultaneous capture.
  6. After resolving captures, the arbiter will reveal the resulting board state, along with the information of where and by whom new stones were placed (to clarify cases where newly placed stones were immediately captured), and the where/who/when of any collisions that occurred.
Elimination and Objective
  1. A player is eliminated if they have fewer than x/2 - 3 stones on the board after x rounds (when they have had x opportunities to place a stone on the board).
  2. Eliminated players are no longer participating in the game, and are not allowed to take part in the public or private discussion threads between players while the game is going on.
  3. The objective for each player is to stay in the game as long as possible.
  4. At any time a player may propose an order of elimination for the players who are still in the game. If all remaining players agree, the game is ended directly with the proposed result.

Demo Board

An empty demo board can be found here.

The numbers 1-9 are hotkeys for the colours, 0 being a hotkey for the eraser. Colours / the eraser can be selected with the buttons on the right side as well.

Multiple colours can be assigned to the same coordinate by placing colours while holding down the shift key, or by toggling shift mode with the ⇧ button.

By clicking the link button, the page is refreshed, and the URL in your browser is a shareable link of the board position.

List of Rounds

1. image
2. image
3. image
4. image
5. image
6. image
7. image
8. image
9. image
10. image
11. image
12. image
13. image
14. image
15. image
16. image
17. image
18. image
19. image
20. image
21. image
22. image
23. image
24. image
25. image
26. image
27. image
28. image
29. image
30. image
31. image
32. image

If you are not a player in this game, please do not post in this thread or like posts by any of the players in this thread.

Any posts from non-players will be removed.

Any non-players who wish to discuss the game can send me a PM to be added to the Private Kibitz Garden, where we’re currently in the middle of having a high tea.


Round 1

We start the round, as everyone probably expects, with the empty board:

Editable demo board

Please submit your moves before the deadline of 2020-10-08T20:00:00Z.


image Greetings from The Sky image

Greetings and welcome to everyone! I’m so happy that we are embarking on this journey together. Let’s have a great game!

I am yebellz, leader of the glorious light blue image nation that graces this goban. We call ourselves simply The Sky, which reflects our lofty ideals and haughty attitudes.

We come with the hope for cooperation and stability. We will tirelessly work toward maintaining the peace and seeking joint prosperity with you all. Here is our flag, which captures our dedication toward peace and prosperity.


Thus, we seek friends and partners, and do not want enemies and rivals. We hope that you all share our ideals and join us in establishing a peaceful, prosperous order over this goban. Perhaps, we may all eventually come together peacefully under another sort of light blue flag.

However, despite our peaceful ideals and friendly objectives, we will not hesitate to use any means necessary :crossed_swords: in order to ensure that the peace is maintained :slight_smile:

Si vis pacem, para bellum

First Move: Let’s split and share the corners

As we seek to chart our destiny on the board, we must take the initial step of placing a stone. Since there are eight of us and four corners, I propose that we pair up and each try to share a corner and ultimately split a quadrant with another.

My intent will be to play in the top-left corner. I seek one other player to join me in that space, and work toward peacefully and jointly establishing life and prosperity from that base.

Final few words for now

In the times to come, we may also share our coat of arms, heraldic system, constructed languages, history of our great houses, and other items of our cultural heritage, but that will have to wait for later since it all seems far too pedantic, and time consuming to quickly whip together right now.

By the way, you should all adopt flags as well, since I hear that’s rather important…



I think this is a good way to start.
And if you accept my company, I’ll add some stardust to your blue sky.
If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go look for a flag right away.

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Thanks @le_4TC for fixing the title typo! :sweat_smile:


green Twelve kyu? More like Twelve Kyute green

My flag is this teal butterfly:

As this game’s resident DDK, I choose the butterfly to represent me - fragile, feeble, tumbling erratically… and fun to look at.

I would like to begin playing in the upper-right, perhaps neighbouring the purportedly peaceful nation of yebellz, respectively playing at K11 and D11, for instance?:


Could anyone be bothered to add everyone’s ranks to the first post?


I would also like to form an alliance with Vsotvep, please :grin:


Lol, fixed* :smiley:

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Well, my offer to Vsotvep still stands. I think such an alliance would prove very beneficial to me :wink:


No chance, I won’t rest till all of you are eliminated. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t have a flag yet, or even a cool name, but the white stones support the peaceful goals of The Sky.

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Then may I propose this? :slight_smile:



Looks good to me!


Hmm, I’m not too sure about the dual 3-4:s in a single corner. 3-3 is then a really big follow-up for both players. The one who eventually gets it will be happy, the one who doesn’t probably not so happy. It will lead to a lot of early conflict I feel.

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This was my first attempt at a flag design, trying to emphasize my willingness to collaborate with all players:
But I’m a bit concerned that it looks more like everyone teaming up to surround me :sweat_smile:
So I’ll have to think about something better :stuck_out_tongue:


Easy - instead of having a white circle in the middle, have a white outer layer surrounding the other colours… in a warm embrace, of course. :smiley:


Can you think of any way for two players to “share a corner” which would forego that potential conflict?


I don’t have any great solution, but here’s some other possible corners, just as food for thought:

The corners are of course the most attractive, but maybe having more space can make some other moves along the sides or towards the center playable as well?

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Very nice ideas!