Disappointed? Proud!

I almost didn’t post this, because I don’t want it to sound like blackmail. The truth is I love this site and if I feel this way, maybe others do too… And that’s something the devs need to know.

I’m a site supporter, so I don’t see ads. Your decision to put ads on the game page despite strong community feedback against such a decision has me questioning whether I still want to contribute my very limited financial resources.

As of writing this, I am still a site supporter. But I do not support this decision.


Actually, despite many passionate people on the forums protesting this(which I fully support, as we should work this out together, even if I don’t agree), the majority of the people voted to put more ads in. However, there is a very small voting group, only like 500 or so, which is a small percentage of the people on OGS, therefore, I say we should make the vote mandatory, or at least very visible. Like popping up the next time someone logs on to OGS. I think it would be beneficially to have everyone vote, and not just the people that are the most passionate about OGS(the forum posters, usually).
This is the same problem several youtube viewers face, when deciding to change content or other things. They ask the viewers what they should do, but only the most passionate will actually comment, and usually the most passionate are the ones in favor of the current content.
Anyways, that is just my opinion.


Just to clarify I’m not objecting ads as a whole. Just the ones on the game page. Only 1/3 of voters thought that was acceptable.

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I am SO proud to call OGS home!
This is exactly the kind of thoughtfulness I love and expect from our devs!!!


My sentiments too, BHydden.

Just became a new site supporter after reading the same announcement.


Great job! :slight_smile:


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