Do equal ranked opponent win/loss results count as 'weaker' or 'stronger'?

As seen in your stats page. Or are they entirely left out?

Hm. I suppose it’s based on rating, not rank. But I wonder if the categorization happens before or after the game (i.e. rating adjustment).

Should be easy to test. Create 2 accounts, have them play a game, compare win/loss, play another game, let the other guy win this time, compare again…

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I tried one go of this just now, with two new accounts.

The winner was deemed to have been stronger.

This matches with my vague recollection that the decision (who is stronger) is made after the game.

Note that it is extraordinarily rare for two equal ranked players to play each other. It’s the glicko number (rating) that counts for this, not the rounded rank (as smurph pointed out).