Do we want bots in the site ladders?

I love having bots playing here on this site. I like it that there are tournaments explicitly inviting bots. I still think bots should never play anywhere uninvited.


It is quite possible (and I think not too uncommon) to rise from winning a game against someone that challenged you.

  1. Player A is challenged by player B, who is at a lower rank than player A.
  2. Player B has also challenged Player C, who is at a higher rank than player A.
  3. Player B beats player C and rises before being beaten by player A.
  4. Player A will now jump ahead of player B, who has just jumped ahead of player C.

I believe this has happened a couple of times to me (as player A, maybe also a few times as player B or C).


I don’t think bots should be on the ladders. Plain and simple. The ladders are for people to compete with each other, not some crazy toy to come in and “harass” others. :slightly_smiling_face:


It may be nice for bots to be on their own ladder to compete against each other.


Well, actually is possible to be challenged by a higher positioned player, when the higher was lower. It is about speed. The challenger rises fast, if opponents happens to answer on real time, and the challenged (bot or not) remains lower, if both play slower, eventually wins, and rise without challenging anybody.


News: I reported the game and it was annuled by a mod.

The question still makes sense, anyway.

@yebellz and @ehomba,

please look here
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Should bots be allowed on the main site ladders?

  • Yes
  • No

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Bots could have their own ladders, where ebots could be win ranked according their strengts, and ppl who join could challenge them and climb up like in normal ladders. But instead having humans getting into the same list, they would get their usernames listed somewhere under [winners] according to their position.


Right now I’m asking myself (and I’m asking you ) if I like bots to be in the ladder.

I do not know what they are doing there, so it is a bit hard to answer.
If they are just trying to rise through the ladder, that doesn’t make much sense for a high dan bot to challenge kyu players into a fair game
If they are there trying to gather games for their neural network training, I think that playing against kyu players might not be a very good data source to add into their matrixes.

Either way, even if a bot should be in the ladder, it should try gathering data from (or picking fights with) people of its own caliber, so when I got challenged, I cancelled the game (even though I was tempted to just try mad moves and see what happened :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I like the idea of a mixed human/bot ladder, though I don’t even think it needs to have a separate system. I think it might be fine with a ladder of both humans and bots, maybe just show an icon to indicate bots rather than flags in the ladder list?

Anyone could set up a human/bot group and use the group ladder. You’d have no extra icons of course.

You can tell who’s a legitimate bot and who’s a human because bot’s names are grey.


I suspect that might not work in the ladder too well :confused: as the name colors (including grey) are used to indicate challengability.


“You can tell who’s a legitimate bot and who’s pretending to be a human because bot’s names are grey.” :wink:


“You can tell who’s a legitimate bot, because legitimate bots’ names are grey.”


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True. It is actually quite hard to tell who is a legitimate human.

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If it would be named something fancy like “Bot Challenge” it might actually attract botkeepers to get involved with it

No, I don’t want bots in the ladders.

Talk to them!

But some people don’t like replying to posts.