Do you have Go board?


Trohde, is this “Three people already took up on my invitations, from Korea, USA, the Netherlands … I wonder where the next one will come from.” an open invitation?

Sounds fun. You may get more visitors now. :slight_smile:


Hello Kinako,

LOL, that was just a bit of self-irony :wink:

It’s just so that I have that room under the roof, actually my guest apartment, which doubles as my so-called “Go salon” because, as explained above, I “am” the local village Go club, meaning that I am the only one within ~25 km who owns Go gear, Go books, and offers the room to meet.

So there we are, every Friday from 18:00 … today there were two newbies from the village, both in their mid-20s, friendly, intelligent, hip folks, I was very happy for the opportunity to teach them a little bit. They also enjoyed playing Atari Go (Capture Go) with each other.

Oh, and I didn’t tell about how I “store” the other boards: they just fly around in that room :joy:

And BTW, @kinako, in order to avoid many successive single comments here I’d recommend replying to several other commenters in one comment. If you select some text of them and then click “quote reply” in the little flag that appears, you can add all the quotes you want to reply to in one single comment, like I do here:

I also didn’t imagine how many biscuits people would want to hoard … :wink:

Hello Nosf @Nghtstalker,

Yes. I need to know quite some time in advance so I can schedule, but … yes :slight_smile: De-virtualization is fun :slight_smile:

(and sorry, everybody, for the of-topic :wink: )


Yes, it EXACTLY fits the board which is amazing because it’s such a good fit


I have a board but I think we have 3-4 “games” on it just to understand rules. It’s one of those thin wooden ones with a magnetic strip in the middle.

Nobody plays Go here.


Sounds like your GO space is rather gemütlich.

I hope to play u there someday. Does your club have a web page? Pictures?


I have few. Mostly portable. I have one small 19x19 magnetic board. I have a set with a vinyl 19x19 and bags for the stones. I have one good travel set ordered from Germany that has a folding 19x19, wood bowls with stones, and a case they all fit in. I have another folding board and a slotted 2-piece board. Finally, I have a nice 13x13/9x9 board (the odd thing is that the board itself is sized for 19x19, but only marked for the smaller sizes).


I have a set of glass stones, and am going to be making my own board. Right now I’m torn between an epoxy inlay board or a laser-etched board. The latter would by way easier and have thinner lines, but epoxy inlay could be pretty cool.


[quote=“Nghtstalker, post:25, topic:9710, full:true”]
Sounds like your GO space is rather gemütlich. [/quote]Well, yes, I think it is :slight_smile:

[quote]I hope to play u there someday. Does your club have a web page? Pictures?[/quote]Somewhere here I posted pics, I think, maybe in the “Real Life Go Pictures” thread, but I can’t remember.

Ah, here it is, lots of pics: Playing Go IRL pictures

And no, no Web page. Too much work (the web page as well as my job).

And re: playing here … just get in touch and let me know when you’re coming to the Lüneburg Heath in Northern Germany (I’m 60 km to the South of Hamburg), then I can see whether it fits my schedules. Other Go players have visited, and we always had lots of fun :slight_smile:


I enjoyed seeing the photos, looks like you posted two fun games. There is something very satisfying with long games. It does look like a fun place to play. Best wishes and if I am ever lucky enough to be in Germany I will try to get a game in. Of course if u ever in WA state drop me a line and we can play. But I must confess you should visit the Seattle GO center. Lots of fine competition avail there.



theTick, you have a shop? (because of stickers and other photos from that very same room)


Nope, just a tea addict. :smiley: Healthier drug addiction than crack, but probably just as expensive.


That is such a beautiful set! :heart_eyes: Out of topic- but what tea do you drink lol


The tea in the photo is Japanese sencha brewed in a tokoname pot. Make sure to click on the gallery link of the tokoname site, just don’t risk downloading and looking at the full catalogthat can get expensive… :wink:

The go board was from Samarkand ( no longer retail, wholesale only ) and the stones are direct from Japanese manufacturer Kurokigoishi.

Ok, maybe more expensive habit than crack… :confused:


And where is the cup for your opponent? :smiley:
Or did you go all out traditional on him and made him share a single cup? you do know that is more common with matcha, don’t you? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

love the tea stove though… Do you really brew water in it, or is just for keeping it hot? does it not damage the wood underneath?


My opponent was Shusaku that day. :wink: Go study - can you tell which of the castle games this is?

The stove is just for keeping the kettle warm. It’s alcohol fueled.


I see thank you :slight_smile:
unfortunately I have no idea which of the castle games that is :smiley: or even what it means

#38 !!!


@Issho, you’ve transported me to a better place, thank you :slight_smile: