Don't want to play against bots!


Yeah im jist giving you flack :slight_smile: indeed man does refer to mankind. As well as the word his-tory but we are in the middle of a move to a more her story slowly but surely

The world just needs more womanholes.

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Actually, in many ways it plays very much like a human. Even AlphaGo Zero, which was trained with only the rules of the game, without letting it input professional games to learn from, comes up with many joseki and many tactical plays that professionals use. But of course, it is true that in many ways in does not play like a human; otherwise it wouldn’t be beating professionals so easily.


The point is more that it completely disregards some other joseki that professionals (used to) play, and found some new joseki that no professional considered until AlphaGo game along. Of course any objectively strong player, human or AI, needs to know the most basic joseki and tesuji. It’s all in the differences between them.