Early discussion of the 2020 survey

Notifications the most important I can think right now. I’d guess games would be sorted more intuitively, too.

And it’s a personal thing, I prefer to use my mobile browser for browser stuff and have apps for certain things, but I understand this doesn’t weigh in the argument :-).

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Agreed. I was thinking that the stones in the variations are too heavy, and need to be lighter. Like, you’re on the fourth in a sequence, and maybe the fifth could be heavy like it is now, the sixth lighter, the seventh almost invisible, and the rest completely invisible - so that you can see what’s actually going on. Also to that end, if, say, 4 and 7 are in the same place, only the first should be visible until the latter is ready to be played.


The way to deal with this so far is probably to show only the next move and hide the others.

Have you tried “Submit-move button” for live games? https://online-go.com/user/settings


I guess I imagined it being quite slow to click and submit in a live game especially if in byo yomi, but maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. I should give it a try.

Not sure how well the double tap to submit would work if misclicks are an issue, the point being it misplaced the stone the first time round so the tap wasn’t accurate or being picked up accurately etc.

Submit move is well worth it. I use it in love games and I always recommend it to others.


Love games huh o////o

1 like for the informed consent.

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Didn’t even notice the autocorrect :S

An app

It is time consuming to open a webpage and then login (cost 5-10sec), while to open an app only costs <1 sec. Players may login more often…

Kifu or read/load sgf files (this is not supported by the website).

you can upload sgf to OGS

Oops, thanks. Now I find it.

It still falls well short of good kibitzing functionality though. To kibitz, you need to be able to have conversations with comments by multiple parties on each turn.

Weather it’s on my phone, tablet or PC, I just have to type the letter ‘o’ and Chrome’s autocomplete gives me the full URL of OGS.

Tap enter and I’m on the site.

Auto login is enabled.

Pretty much instantaneous (subject to internet connectivity).

Click the number of games circle button at top right and I’m playing Go

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I think most mobile browsers have an “add page shortcut” or similar option. At least Firefox has one. Since I never log out, I’m instantaneous logged in.


Right. So in this case, it might be 2sec (browser) vs 1sec (app), can we say 50% difference?

I know the point but many apps are just the repetitions (99.8% similar) of their website versions. If we are talking about marketing strategies (or sort of), then an app is a “straightforward” extension to the current webpage.

I guess iOS may has something similar.(no much experience on Android’s browsers) I tried a few times playing on my mobile, not so pleasant as playing on laptop. That’s all what I can say.

There’s really an argument about whether it should take one or two seconds to log into OGS…? How busy do you think our users are?


On my phone it takes significantly longer to open an app. Not that I care, if I have time to play a game of go, I have time to wait a few seconds as well.