Embracing the 3-3 Point in the AI Era: A Strategic Imperative

Funny that you call a 9 dan player’s understanding “a beginner’s interpretation”

That being said, The manner by which the AI prefers the 3-3 has been thought very widely, and “simplification” has not been on the high list of reasons it does so, otherwise it would choose variations with far less aji.

Your op does mention that influence has changed radically, and I personally believe it’s a shift towards analyzing in more detail about how influence has to be a fighting power that can be used in certain concrete ways. No more is a wall simply influence for being there, particularly if there is a weakness to threaten such as in the AI exploitation of the older variations.

Because influence is, chiefly, for fighting. And fighting with a weakness necessarily reduces the power of said influence

And AI has shown that older enclose-and-extend methods are easy to make inefficient, as it is not as powerful for fighting in extended positions, and maybe overconcentrated in more secure positions.

Simplicity doesn’t factor here at all, in fact the AI frequently makes complications in places that older theory had found unsettling to professionals. Not to mention simplicity does not claim points, at best it will secure a lead if you already have one. So to claim it’s the basis of some of the first things AI does in each game is patently absurd.


That’s so chatgpt like. Things that noone will even bother to mention here. Old pre AI dia and book too…

Just tell me why AI still start with an unsafe 44 instead of a solid secure 33?


To be fair, it is true that some old opening strategies are not very effective according to AI, for example, some variations of Sanrensei or mini Chinese opening that try to create a big moyo is considered not very effective, indeed, human also understood that, so in the 2010s, many moyo oriented opening is not popular. A direct 3-3 invasion is also an example showing that AI is not afraid of moyo strategy, that’s all. Indeed, the mistakes made by humans in the past were very subtle, although playing 3-3 invasion would be good, it is also fine to play an approach, it is not something important . The middle game is always the key to determining a game, even the latest Chinese championship, Mi Yu Ting stated that he did not study opening a lot, he spent his time training for the end game.