"Error submitting move" message

I just had the “error submitting move” message and couldn’t make another move. I’ve found on this forum that refreshing the page helps, but during the game I had no idea what’s going on and how to handle this issue.
Would it be possible to add to this message something like “Please try to refresh the page”? It doesn’t sound like much of work and could be really helpfull to users.

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Ctrl+F5 and it reloads or use Reload button.

I agree with @marcins.

I mean, it’s only a static label, and if the message was clearer users wouldn’t have to come here and find a solution.
Instead of just highlighting the issue, the message could give an useful advice. :slight_smile:

I especially have in mind people with little or no knowledge of browsers… I think that would be really an improvement easy to implement.

A new version of OGS that fixes the error is coming soon. We are testing it now. So, hopefully this whole thing becomes moot. :slight_smile:


Submitted move, got Error Submitting Move. The Submit Move button is available, clicking it does nothing. Clicking on the message does nothing. Clicked back arrow, got login window with blank fields, clicked forward, game initialized and I was able to submit move.

I had the same thing today. I’ve hoped the new version fixed this bug, it’s so annoying.

Yeah, just lost a won game due to timeout because of this. I wonder how difficult it is to add more information about refresh or how to fix this…so annoying to lose because of such thing.

Hi all, I’ve opened up https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/issues/219 to track some automatic workarounds for this, since it still crops up from time to time… I see it happening on the server for some new different reasons, so i’ll be working on fixing those as well, but having the client “auto heal” from this seems like a good idea to do too.


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