Exploring other board games -- a challenge

This is starting in about a week or so

So it looks like they don’t have go. And anyone can contact them to run a go tournament on any go server.

They have 9x9 and 19x19 Go held on ogs that I can see.

The abstract games are in Red

25th February and 12th of March

Ah, yes. There it is:

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My advice is to add the short rule introduces and joys of these board games to the chart. In this way, people in the city don’t need to click those games sites one by one. He or she can just read the chart to find a funny one to play.

heh, I think this is a strange joke. Maybe you should have waited until April 1st, 2021 to write that? lol
A few of the rules are:

  • Gess is played on a grid of 18 × 18 squares.
  • Starting with Black, players take turns moving a piece on the board. A move must always change the stone configuration on the board. There is no passing.
  • A piece consists of a 3 × 3 grid of squares, at least one of which must exist on the board. Only stones of one color may be in the grid. There must be at least one stone on the eight squares around the central square.
  • A ring is any piece consisting of eight stones around an empty central square.
  • The game object is to be the only player with a ring piece on the board: when, at the end of any turn, a player has no ring pieces on the board, that player loses the game. If neither player has a ring piece, the player who has just moved loses.

Seems legit to me!

My jokes tend to be. But I still find it hard to take this seriously…